About Us
After buying a small home in the town of Mason, NH, everyone began to comment on how peaceful they felt when they came to visit.  So after a short time, the dreams and visions began to arrive to add to its magic.  First, a small water garden was dug and then a healing circle was planted... and the dreams and visions did not stop there!.. More digging, and the pond was expanded... Two water falls were added... More fish, and the healing garden began to grow.  Every spare moment was spent expanding and tweaking every little facet of the gem this place was becoming.

As the community of students and friends from the healing practice began to grow, so did the energy and magic.  Drawing people in need of comfort and allowing them to connect to the power of nature became the purpose of this small little oasis.  The visions and dreams continued...

Out of necessity, a new teaching space was needed. So one afternoon sitting by the pond, a loud voice was heard,

                              "BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME!"

I know we have heard this before, "...but build what?" I asked, "a boat? a ball field?"

"NO," the voice replied,

                             "A YURT TO HOLD SACRED SPACE!"

Trust me, when a loud voice says build a yurt, you listen!

The research began and friends and students got behind the idea of a yurt being built, working hard and giving selflessly of their time and incredible talents.  After three months of designing, more digging (try digging a hole in the granite state), cement mixing, measuring, hammering, flooring, and finding new homes for all the rocks from all the digging... The Yurt has arrived!

                    A magical sacred space in the shape of a circle ~
                       A place of possibilities, with an eye to the heavens.